Marketing and social media are crucial for brands and companies to get their names out there and build long-lasting relationships with customers and followers. Here are some free marketing tools that every entrepreneur should know.


This marketing tool is perfect for people who want to be more efficient. Due shows its users how much time they are spending on their marketing projects. This way, marketers can be more aware of which of their projects are the most and least time-consuming. Knowing this information will help marketers work on ways to save time and increase productivity.


Anyone who is looking to improve their social media management will benefit from Hootsuite. This helpful marketing tool lets its users engage with their followers and create posts conveniently, all through this one tool.


The right logo can have the power to get a brand or company plenty of attention and more followers overnight. While graphic designers may charge high prices or leave the entrepreneurs out of the creative process when designing a logo, Spaces lets its users easily create logos with plenty of design options. The tool also does not cost any money, so it is a win-win.


The world is becoming more visual every day. Many people are getting tired of reading long paragraphs about brands and companies and would often prefer to look at enticing visuals for information. The great thing about Canva is that its users do not need to have professional graphic design skills to create beautiful visuals for social media and other marketing forms such as flyers.


Marketing ideas often come to entrepreneurs and professionals at random times, such as before bed or in the shower. It can be challenging to determine where to keep those ideas, as notebooks can get lost. Evernote is perfect for this situation, as the tool helps users store their thoughts on their electronic devices to stay organized and on top of their ideas.


Surveys are an excellent method of gathering customer feedback or identifying a target market’s demographics and psychographics. SurveyMonkey lets its users conduct surveys for people to answer, and the results are easy to analyze.

These free tools can help anyone achieve more productive marketing strategies.